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Electricity Production Projects in Israel

O.P.C. Energy has to date invested NIS 3 billion in the construction of the “Rotem” and “Hadera” power plants, with a two fuel plant (natural gas with diesel oil as backup) In addition, as part of Regulation 914, the company is working on construction of a conventional open cycle power plant (“Zomet”) powered by natural gas (a Peaker unit). The company continues to examine business activities in the private electricity market in Israel as part of existing regulatory and quota arrangements. At the same time the company is examining acquisition of existing power plants from the Israel Electric Company (IEC), as part of the electricity market reform.



O.P.C. Energy is the first private electricity producer in Israel. In August 2017, the Company became a public company and the Company’s shares and securities were listed for trading on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). The company’s securities are traded on the TA-90 index.

תחרות בחשמל

Enhancement of competition and reform in the electricity market

The Electricity Market Law, 1996, allows competition in the electricity market: encouraging the entrance of private electricity producers, removing barriers and facilitating regulatory conditions aimed at accelerating construction of power plants by private electricity producers. Rotem’s electricity generation license was granted in 2013, for a period of 30 years for the production and sale of electricity (the first major, private power plant in Israel). Since then, other large power plants have been set up, and the market share of private producers represents over 30% of the electricity market.

O.P.C. Energy is the first private electricity company in Israel.
The Company generates about 5% of the electricity consumption in Israel.

The Company was incorporated in 2010 and operates in the field of power generation and supply, including development, construction and operation of power plants, as well as power generation and suppling to private customers and to Israel Electricity Corporation (IEC).

The Company owns two power plants sites, “Rotem”, which began commercial operation on 2013, with an installed capacity of 466 MW, and “Hadera”, which began operations in July 2020 ; this power plant uses cogeneration technology, with an installed capacity of 144 MW

O.P.C. Energy is acting to develop additional natural gas power plants.
One is located near the Plugot Junction, Zomet, and is a conventional, open cycle power plant with a capacity of 396 MW.

OPC’s electricity is environmentally friendly and produced with maximal energy efficiency. The power plants’ equipment is innovative and based on the world’s most advanced technologies, with professional, experienced personnel.

O.P.C consumers benefit from availability, reliability, professional and high quality service.

Rotem Power Plant


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of the total energy generated in 2018. Availability

Hadera Power Plant


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