The first private electric company in Israel

“Turning energy into electricity”

About O.P.C. Energy

O.P.C. Energy is the first private electricity company in Israel.
The Company was incorporated in 2010 and is active in the field of power generation and supply, including development, construction and operation of power plants, as well as power generation and supply to private customers and to Israel Electricity Corporation (IEC). The Company generated about 5% of the electricity consumption in Israel in 2018.

The subsidiary, O.P.C. Rotem Ltd. holds a license for generating and selling electricity for a period of 30 years. The Rotem power plant is the first private power plant in Israel, which began commercial operations in July 2013, and has an installed capacity of 466 MW.
In addition, there is the Hadera power plant with an installed capacity of 144 MW ,which began operations in July 2020 and the Zomet power plan (a “Peaker Plant” – under development), with an installed capacity of up to 396 MW, holds a conditional license for the generation and sale of electricity.

OPC’s electricity is environmentally friendly and produced with maximal energy efficiency. The power plants’ equipment is innovative and based on the world’s most advanced technologies, with professional and experienced personnel.

O.P.C consumers benefit from availability, reliability, professional and high quality service.

Vision and strategy

Consistent with its vision of being a leading private electricity generator, the Company is focusing on achieving competitive advantages in the following areas:

  1. Promotion and development of facilities for generation of electricity, both by leveraging accumulated experience and by providing unique and value solutions to both existing and potential customers.
  2. High performance, managerial and operational capability to advance projects from the identification of the land stage through the licensing, regulation, design and fund raising for the projects, allowing for fast, professional and effective execution of processes.
  3. Operation and maintenance of the Company’s projects through to the Company’s experience, in a professional manner, meeting the strictest standards, in order to achieve efficiency and maximum availability
  4. The Company is taking action to expand its installed capacity while exploiting the advantages of proximity to the existing power plants; the Company has agreements relating to other lands near the power plants it owns. The Company is acting on the premise that the private electricity market will expand considerably in the future.



The first tender for construction
of a power plant


Rotem Project
financial closing


Rotem Project
commercial operation


Hadera Project


Hadera Project
financial closing


Zomet Project


Zomet signed a planning, procurement and construction agreement


Approval of conditional
license for Zomet

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Avisar Paz


Robert Rosen


Javier Garcia Burgos


Antoine Bonnier


Yair Caspi

External Director

Yosef Tenne

External Director

Michal Marom-Brikman

Independent Director

Moshe Luhmany

Management Members


Giora Almogy

סמנכ"ל כספים צחי גושן


Tzahi Goshen

סמנכ"ל מסחרי ערן אמויאל

VP Commercial

Eran Amoyal

VP Operation

Yoav Goraly

VP & Corporate Secretary

Irit Shadar-Tobias

Legal Counsel

Gitit Rosenfeld-Berger

VP Business Development Officer

Gal Tofah Ben-Hevron

מנהלת משאבי אנוש אושרית סויסה קדוש

Administration & HR Manager

Oshrit Suissa-Kadosh

חשבת אולה איליהו


Ola Iliyahu

Regulation Manager

Naama Shveka

Code of Ethics

O.P.C. Energy has adopted a code of ethics that incorporates its values and professional ethics, which apply to its employees at all levels and positions.

First and foremost, the purpose of the code of ethics is to provide appropriate ethical guidelines for all employees and managers to help identify the appropriate and correct way to act when faced with a dilemma or a situation for which there are no clear rules or guidelines during day-to-day work.

In addition, the code of ethics sets out specific rules of conduct for conflicts of interest, lists who can be contacted to report or consult in case of doubt regarding code application, and hotline details and e-mail address for anonymous inquiries.

The Company’s code of ethics states that all employees and managers will comply with all laws, regulations, compliance programs and procedures in line with our guiding principles and corporate culture.

The code of ethics includes instructions, guidelines, and advice on a broad spectrum of issues, including compliance with the law,
fairness in business, respect for others, prohibition on harassment and discrimination, proper use and conservation of the Group’s assets, responsibility, excellence and continuous improvement;
Commitment to the health and safety of employees and the community; Commitment to communities where it operates and to the environment.

O.P.C Energy Ltd securities are traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, and as a public company the group adheres strictly to complying with the Securities Law and stock exchange rules and regulations, in order to maintain investor confidence in the Company; it implements enforcement compliance program in the field of securities that specifies rules, guidelines and instructions.

The Group works regularly to instil, implement and refresh the principles of the code of ethics and the compliance program through a variety of means, lectures, reminders and information transfer to employees and managers.